3 Ways to do a Proper Case in Tableau

While making dashboards for your clients, you might want to do a Proper or Sentence Case for Detailed Reports which can consist of Names, Places, Teams, etc. I am here to tell 3 Methods for doing a Proper Case in Tableau.

1. Oldest Method

Earlier versions of Tableau did not have Proper Function. So, the idea was to use multiple string functions together like RIGHT(), LEFT(), UPPER(), LOWER(), etc. in calculations and then combine all calculations into one calculation for Proper Case

Here is an example

Let’s say I want to do a Title Case for the below string list.

After importing this to Tableau, It would look like this as shown below.

I would create a Calculation to make this a Title case. This was the attempt followed by people before PROPER() was introduced. There can be more solutions like this.

2. Proper Function (Introduced in 2022.4)

PROPER() was introduced in 2022.4 Tableau. In one calculation, you can change any string to Proper Case.

Here is an Example

Drag the Calculation to Rows. It will look as shown below

3. Regular Expression

I am bad with Regex. If you know Regex, you can do this with Regex. This technique I learned from Tableau Forums Ambassador Don Wise who is great at Regular Expressions. Big though but works well

Here is an example

If the calculation is correct, you will see the following

Hope you found this article useful. Thanks for reading.

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